Worship at home

Here are some suggestions to help you worship from home

Readings and Prayers for the week

3rd March Third Sunday of Lent 

Readings and collect: 
You might like to use these over this coming week. Weekly sheets with collects and readings available here  Just click on the date you want.

Intercessions: Take a moment to think what you need to bring before God.  Keep a space to think of what you need, what you want for those you love and for the wider world.

Click here for topical prayers for this time  that you may like to use and please pray for those we know who are in need: 

Unwell or struggling:  Jonathan Ives, Kathleen Woods, Gill & Jeff, Madeline Borrow, Colin Brown, Brian Daniels, Geraldine Molony, Melvin & Ruth Pritchard, Ralph Lucas, Irina and Malcolm, and all those who care for them. 

Rest in Peace: Barbara Winslade, Helen Sale, Edward Hounslow, William Bishop, June Timmis, Geoffrey Peet, Mark Casali, and for any one you know; for those who love them and miss them. 

Year’s Mind:  We remember before God, all those whose anniversary happens at this time.   

                                                                   Join Zoom Community Morning Prayer                         
                                                                              at 9.15am on Tues or
                                                                     at 8.30 on Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri.
      Watch Recordings from Home,                     email the Vicar for a link                 Read a  recent sermon







Other Resources

       Explore other suggestions for worship from home
       from The Church of England, the BBC and others


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