Giving joyfully is part of our response to God’s wonderful generosity to us. As a parish we depend almost entirely on the voluntary giving of our members in order to fund our mission and ministry.

Through fund raising instigated within the church and involving our local community we support selected charities, and also several others through providing people and premises for their activities.


We are all richly blessed.  We have God given time, skills and resources with which to live our lives and, we also hope, to further God’s work in this lovely place that we are privileged to live in. 


God has given us time on earth to use to his glory. How do we spend our time? Are we aware of what we do every day, every minute? If you think about work, family, sleeping, recreation, sport, all the things we all do, could we use time better? Time is to be treasured and used wisely


God has given us talents, things we can do, things we are good at, things we have trained for. Could we offer some of our special skills and knowledge to further God’s work here in The Bourne? Can we help to grow the life of the Church?


We, in the Bourne, are more fortunate than many. We all have different means, but within our means can we give more to help further the work of the Parish. We had to meet great expenditure last year and our reserves were depleted by repair costs.  We have cut costs but we need to secure our future income


Whether you are busy working, juggling a demanding family, newly retired or now less active, we want to encourage and enable you to join other volunteers and share the God-given skills you are blessed with by volunteering in a way that suits you. 

 Our parish has over 120 people who volunteer in many ways. 43% of them do more than one job, many 3 or 4.  4% of them do 18% of all the jobs! We celebrate the massive volunteer effort that exists already to provide our current mission: Church services, outreach & care could not happen without it.  The selfless contributions already being made are invaluable for us all. 

There is however much more the parish can do but we need more help. We cannot afford to pay for many of the practical jobs that are done and our worship relies on many volunteers to help. Some of our volunteers are no longer able or willing to continue and it is right that we bring in new people to share the load. Volunteering can be tailored to you and the time that you have available. Please think of how you can help, even an hour from time to time can make the difference


Each of us has unique skills and talents. Many of the jobs that are done by volunteers require some special skill. The parish needs help in many diverse fields from practical skills to expert advice. For example, do you have IT or marketing or garden knowledge that can assist one of the work groups? From time to time legal, financial or other specialist advice is needed before we have to hire a professional firm. Can we call on your skills and knowledge?

There are many areas where help is occasionally or regularly needed. Also the unexpected can happen when specialist knowledge is required but we don’t know where to find it. You may be able to help. Please share with us YOUR skills, expertise and interests if you would be willing to help when an unexpected need arises.   Here are just a few ideas, could you do any of these tasks? There are many more.

  • Children & Youth                 Opportunities to support our new Youth leader
  • Fundraising activities           Design a puzzle or quiz. Knit or sew.
  • Helping in church services   Join a rota
  • Communications                   Co-ordinator needed  
  • Marketing                             Design, sales, social media
  • Financial support                  Advisory, investigative, practical assistance
  • Office & IT support                Systems knowledge. Office routine help.
  • Gardening or cleaning           Outdoor or indoor activity
  • Making coffee or catering      On weekdays, Sundays, or at events


You may have a skill that will enhance Parish life in a way we have not envisaged or in a new project not yet thought of.  Please share your special interests and skills with us together with any ideas you may have to take our Bourne Parish community forward.


You may be time limited or not wish to have a regular commitment. Therefore we are breaking down the needs we perceive in order to offer you a volunteering role that fits in with your interests, your skills, the time you can offer and your lifestyle.


No-one should feel trapped in any role and we wish to organize volunteering in a happy and sustainable way so that responsibilities are shared. With enough volunteers tasks will not be onerous.


Not just for the church work. Many existing volunteers say they feel happier, have reduced stress levels and have been able to meet more people and have fun through the time they have been able to give to positive and constructive volunteering.

Our Parish has lots of volunteer teams doing all sorts of work, lots of vounteers on rotas to manage the routine tasks of church life and  volunteers joining working groups that interest them. The Parish has appointed a Volunteer Coordinator to whom all offers of Time and Talents will be directed. Please complete this Volunteer Form


The parish relies on giving, we have no outside support. It costs over £5300 per week to run the parish. Our regular givers contribute just 60% of this and our other income adds a further 20%. The remainder comes from generous donations, collections and fundraising. We cannot plan our future without more regular income. Our costs increase, for example energy costs are increasing by 3% this year. If you are already giving please consider an increase. If you do not give regularly please join one of our giving schemes.

Please consider becoming a regular giver, or increase if you give already. Click here to take you to the ‘How to Give’ page.

Please do consider how you can help the work of our parish – even if you have only limited time - volunteering does not have to be a burden. If we work together we will grow together