PCC News

News from the PCC 16th May 2018

  1. The new PCC had its first meeting on 16th May 2018.
  2. The PCC co-opted Mr David Brown to the PCC and thanked him for his service on the worship group and servers' team.
  3. It was noted that the parish safeguarding training cancelled in March due to snow was to be rescheduled for Saturday morning 22nd September.
  4. The PCC approved the purchase of a card reader to accept debit card donations, and agreed that the Parish Magazine could add a further page of advertising to boost revenues.
  5. It was noted that a potential training curate would visit the parish in June and if agreed could start at The Bourne in June 2019.
  6. Michele England circulated detailed budget estimates and plans for the proposed extension of the Remembrance Garden at St Thomas's. The PCC approved the 'self-help' option and that the extension should be located adjacent to the existing garden.
  7. The PCC approved incremental expenditure of £15,800 to repair St Thomas's west wall and roof in line with a quotation from Moran Roofing and a totdal budget of just over £28,000 including costs already incurred. It is hoped the work can be completed over the summer.
  8. It was noted that the Archdeacon of Surrey - Paul Davies - would visit the parish with his family on 10th June.

Key decisions and issues from PCC held on 14th November 2017

  1. Buildings and Grounds Working Group were tasked to investigate how more youth activities could be accommodated at St Thomas’.
  2. The least expensive option to resolve the problem with the gable wall at St Thomas’ was selected (refer to more detailed update on website)
  3. The PCC endorsed an investigation into how best to improve the sound system in the centenary rooms.  The investigation is to be led by Nigel Cuthbert
  4. A policy was approved for members of the congregation to be able to use the centenary rooms for children’s parties or similar events
  5. A proposal to seek the services of a music leader to support [email protected] was approved
  6. All Working Groups were requested to review their responsibilities and suggest changes, if any, to improve their operation
  7. A summary was provide of the work done, work underway and work planned for the Brambleton Hall renovation (refer to more detailed update on website)
  8. After inspection by Nicholson’s, the organ company, it was good to inform the PCC that no major work is required on the organ for some time

Decisions made at the PCC meeting held on September 5th 2017

  • The PCC approved the purchase of artificial grass to cover the play area at Brambleton Hall 
  • The PCC approved the renovation of the kitchen at Brambleton Hall.  Implementation is scheduled for the Christmas break.
  • The PCC approved the renovation of the toilets at Brambleton Hall.  Implementation is scheduled for the Easter break.
  • The PCC approved the replacement of the nave downlighters at St Thomas with LED units.