Using items from the Funtion Rooms

Policy for borrowing items from the church and/or the centenary rooms


The church and the centenary rooms have various items that are sometimes requested for loan by members of the congregation.  These include:

  •         Tables
  •         Table cloths
  •         Wine glasses
  •         Wheel chair

The church is very happy for members of the congregation to borrow items on the following understanding.

·         Any item can be borrowed by a member of the congregation at the discretion of the Vicar or Church Wardens

·         The Borrower must check with the Parish Office on availability.

·         The Parish Office will agree with the Borrower, and confirm the

  •  List of items to be borrowed
  •  For how long

It is expected that items will be returned in the condition they were borrowed, e.g. cleaned, ironed and folded.  It should go without saying that any breakages or damage is to be paid for by the borrower.

It is normal for a donation to be made to Church funds by way of saying thank you for the loan of Church items.

Items are not available to be loaned to the general public.