What are you grateful for?


Many thanks, Vanessa, and thanks for all you and the Comms and Ministry teams are doing to keep us going. And also thanks that a third generation of European children is growing up in peace, a situation which their great-grandparents would hardly have dared hope for in 1945.   Jan Herbert

Thoughts on Gratitude from Hilary Newman
What am I grateful for? Where to start? There is so much. I’m grateful to be alive in this time and in
this place, despite what is happening, which has shaken us all. I’m grateful that I’m not on a boat on
the rough and unpredictable Indian Ocean, knowing that we’ll probably be sent packing anyway
when we try to land. I’m grateful that I’m not fleeing tyranny with my family, in danger from
bombing and starving hungry, trying to feed my surviving children and, on top of all that, covid 19
everywhere. I’m grateful that I’m not afraid of the person I live with. I’m grateful for my bed each
night and feeling safe when I’m in it. I’m grateful for food. I’m grateful that my family are all healthy.
I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for my garden…. But is it enough to be grateful? It’s a start.
However, in helping others, our options are limited. We can make a difference in our own
community which is something we are called to do. But, when trying to make a difference to
situations far away, I, for one, feel almost helpless. So, I send money as we all do, and have to trust
others, by the grace of God, to use it wisely.
I have many blessings, and for these my prayers are prayers of thanks.

I am grateful to the unnamed Good Samaritans, often without adequate protective clothing and modestly paid, who attend to the needs of strangers in supermarkets, chemists, care homes, hospitals et al.

David A

I am grateful  for the new found Freedom:
- freedom to cycle without the blight of cars
-freedom to hear God’s natural world
- freedom to smell air untainted by pollution
The glorious peace and quiet
Thank you God for your beautiful world
Sarah Ralling

 I am grateful as being in lockdown and not having bought any Easter cards needed for this strange Easter was my reason for getting out my paintbox. In doing so it has brought me so close to the wonder of God's creation and his continous love for us especially during a pandemic.

All keep safe and get out your paintboxes!

Rosemary Mansfield