Live streaming and recordings at St Thomas' service

Reopening our Churches - an update from Revd John Morris

I am delighted that we have reopened  all three our churches in The Bourne for a public act of worship on a Sunday: St Thomas' at 8am and 10am, Brambleton at 10am and St Martin's at 1030am.

There are constraints placed upon us in terms of what shape the service will take, and there are limits to the number of people who can attend, but we are going to try and fit everyone in who comes along.  Social distancing should be observed, so unless you are part of a family group or ‘bubble’, please try to maintain 2 metres separation and from 8th August, masks must be worn.  We will have people to welcome you and help you be seated.  Hand cleanser will be available on arrival.  Please don’t attend church if you are unwell and particularly if you have any symptoms associated with Covid 19.  We will need to keep a register of attendance each Sunday.
On arrival, you will collect a service booklet.  Please return this to the box on the entrane table at the end of the service.  There won’t be a collection at the offertory, but a plate will be available on exit.  However, we would encourage you to use the contactless machines or a form to complete a standing order or direct debit, rather than cash.
The service will be a simple eucharist with no hymns.  The regulations allow the organ and one singer, so although we can’t sing altogether, we are hoping that there will be solos from a chorister.  When you come to receive the sacrament, please come to the main altar rail and form a socially distanced queue.  Please stand to receive in one kind only and return to your seat via the organ loft.   The celebrant will endeavour to not touch your hand as he/she administers the host, but if he or she does accidentally touch you, the guidelines say that you are to immediately wash, and the celebrant will also cleanse their hands immediately.  Facemasks are not mandatory in church.
I regret that there will be no coffee after church for at least the first few weeks.  We will review this as things progress.
We are live streaming the service from St Thomas' on the internet and the link will  be available in the newsletter and on the home page of the website. From 10am-11am on a Sunday click the rotating banner when it comes round to the image for Parish Eucharist.. After 12 noon on Sundays this same image will have a new link to take you to a recording of the service if you happen to miss it live. This link will stay in place all week, so you can watch the recording on any day until the next service on a Sunday at 10am. We still have a few technical issues, but it is getting better every week.  (Huge thanks to Gordon Tyerman for all his technical support that makes this possible.)
Thank you for all your support over these trying times.  I and the ministry team are very excited at the prospect of being able to minister to you once again each Sunday.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about these plans to restart public worship.  I know the old saying that the church is the people and not the building, but the people need to pray and meet together sometimes.  I look forward to seeing you in church very soon.
Revd John Morris
Vicar, The Bourne with Tilford