The Brambleton Community Fridge

Something exciting has happened at Brambleton Hall.

The Brambleton Community Fridge has just launched!

The way it works is that supermarkets give the food they-can-no-longer-sell-but-is-still-perfectly-edible to charity every day. A community fridge collects this food and invites the public to take what they can eat. Our community fridge will operate with Waitrose, who have agreed to give us their surplus food every Friday morning. On Friday afternoon we will open the hall to distribute it to anyone who can help eat it - free of charge. The food will be delicious, but it needs to find homes quickly.

The fridge is a really proactive way both to reduce food waste and share what we have with one another; to reach out and to bless the local community.

There are lots of ways to get involved. We need volunteers to make collections from Waitrose and other locations and to help with the distribution. Please get in touch via our Volunteer Form