Bourne Parish Magazine

The Parish Magazine has changed!

It is shorter by eight pages but still a good read. It now goes free to every home and business in the parish of The Bourne and is paid for by our wonderful advertisers. It will be published three times a year at Easter, around Harvest time, and Christmas. Inside, as well as thought provoking articles, you will find details of church services at our three centres of worship and useful local information.

Here’s a taste of what you can find:

‘Bishop Christopher’s article:.A young man said, ‘Are you a bishop?....So why are you a racist?’

Vanessa Horne’s article: ‘I’m not a big fan of skiing, sorry…’

Sue Leach’s article: Of course you can learn a lot from a school’s website…"

 Why not dip in and read these interesting articles?

                                                                Bourne Parish Magazine