A Christmas message from John, our Vicar

In modern Britain its extremely easy to fall into the trap of feeling entitled.  Christmas might be a good example.  We move from hopeful expectation to a thought process that consciously or unconsciously believes that Christmas comes with a set tradition and pattern that we are entitled to enjoy.  Whether it is the way we celebrate as a family, or what we expect to be able to buy, or do, we can be resentful when it all falls apart.  It is not fair when it does not happen as we want it to. The ridiculous thing is that at Christmas we celebrate an event that was completely unpredictable.  I do not expect Mary dreamed of giving birth to a first born as a homeless unmarried girl in an animal shelter.  I do not believe for one moment that Josephs first steps into fatherhood would be to a child he knew was not his own.  At Christmas we might celebrate the birth of our saviour, but in reality, we are celebrating God stepping into the world and acting in the most unexpected of ways.  In the midst of our chaotic society in 2021, we need to open our eyes to God who is in the midst of our anxieties and fears and ask him to help us see him as work in our lives and the world around us. 

A very happy (if unpredictable and chaotic) Christmas to you all.  John Morris Vicar