Music for Weddings

St Thomas' is a fabulous venue for a wedding and we can offer super music to make your special day even more memorable. 

We can provide you with suggestions for music or take requests for your own specific requirements, helping with your service planning. Take a look at our Repertoire and get in touch with our Director of Music and Organist (see below) as early as possible in your planning, especially where you require the choir or instrumentalists, or particular music that needs to be sourced.  These things sometimes take longer than expected.

We will do everything in our power to make your service as special as possible and run as smoothly as possible on the day itself.

For all enquiries about the choir and instrumentalists, please contact the Director of Music:  Robert Lewis BA

For all enquiries about organ music, please contact the Organist and Assistant Director of Music: Julian Cooper BSc PhD FRCO 

The Choirs Available for Weddings

Having a choir at your wedding will really lift the service, providing a strong lead during the hymns or psalms as well as enhancing the service by singing other pieces during the signing of the register and, sometimes also, at the blessing.  If you choose not to have the choir, it is not necessary for the Director of Music to be involved.

We are very fortunate at St. Thomas to have three choirs which sing regularly at weddings:

1. St. Thomas-on-The Bourne Parish Choir is the traditional choir of Boy Choristers and Choir Gentlemen. The Boys are also available to sing on their own without the Choir Gentlemen.

2. St. Thomas' Girls' Choir also sings on its own and with the Choir Gentlemen.

3. St. Thomas-on-The Bourne Chamber Choir made up of adult sopranos and the Choir Gentlemen.

All these choirs are available for your wedding, either individually or in combination.

Traditionally people have chosen to have the Boy Choristers alone or with the Choir Gentlemen, and this has been one of the great privileges and strengths of St. Thomas over the years, and is why many people have chosen to have their wedding here.  Alternatively you can have the Girls’ Choir alone, the Girls’ Choir and Choir Gentlemen, or the Chamber Choir.  These choirs can provide a variety of different music, however the Chamber Choir can provide music of a significantly more elaborate nature, and is often the only choir available during the week, or during school holidays.

We aim, with all our choirs, to provide the highest possible standard of music that we can, and we strive to make your day as special as possible.

Any one of the choirs may also be available to sing for weddings outside of St Thomas-on-The Bourne.

Order of Service

If you are having an order of service printed and the choir is singing at your wedding, please allow twenty copies for the choir. We also ask you to acknowledge the Organist, Julian Cooper, and if you are having the choir the Director of Music, Robert Lewis, at the end of your Order of Service.

Instrumentalists and Vocal Soloists

We can provide a variety of instrumentalist and vocal soloists upon request, from trumpet players, oboists and string quartets to soprano soloists. The most common additional instrumentalist requested is a trumpeter, and this helps to lift the hymns, as well as providing a ‘live trumpet’ for pieces like the Clarke ‘Trumpet Voluntary’, Purcell ‘Trumpet Tune’ and other similar processional pieces. As an alternative to the choir singing we can readily offer vocal soloists to sing works of your choice, such as the Schubert ‘Ave Maria’. If you have a special request, please speak to us to see if we can provide what you need.


Please contact the Parish Office for information on the fees involved in having an organist and choir and full details on all other costs.