Music for Funerals

Music for a Thanksgiving or a Funeral Service at St Thomas-on-The Bourne

Music can add such a lot to a thanksgiving or funeral service.  We can provide you with suggestions for music or take requests for your own specific requirements and can support and advise you at all stages of your service planning.

Take a look at our Repertoire and make contact with our Director of Music or Organist (see below) as early as possible, especially where you require the choir or instrumentalists, or special music that may need to be sourced. This can sometimes take longer than expected.  We will do everything in our power to make the funeral or thanksgiving service as special as possible.

For all enquiries about the choir and instrumentalists, please contact the Director of Music:  Robert Lewis BA

For all enquiries about organ music, please contact the Organist and Assistant Director of Music: Julian Cooper BSc PhD FRCO 

The Choirs

The majority of funerals and thanksgiving services do not have a choir present. 

As funerals and thanksgiving services usually take place during the week, we are unable to offer the choristers (boys or girls).  However, we are usually able to offer an adult chamber choir comprising of some of the choir gentlemen together with ladies from the chamber choir.  We are fortunate that many of our choir members work locally or from home, so that they are able to take time out during the day to sing at such a service.  Previous experience has shown that we can usually make up a chamber choir of around twelve competent singers, some of whom are semi-professional.

Order of Service

If you are having an order of service printed and the choir is singing at the service, please allow fifteen copies for the choir. 


Please contact the Parish Office for information on the fees involved in having music and an organist and full details on all other costs.