Readings and Prayers

In your own time you might like to:
find a place for prayer, light a candle, play some reflective music.  If you have a cross place it in your space, have your Bible to hand.

May 29nd 2022: the Sunday after Ascension Day

Taking a moment to rest in Gods presence, to listen for the still, small voice of God in the daily round of our lives can be a source of calm and comfort and peace.

Readings and collect: 
You might like to use these over this coming week.  Click May 29nd  to find the collect and the readings for the day.  Use your regular Bible notes or choose a favourite reading. 

Take time to settle into God's loving presence:

Weary with our busyness, we rest in your serenity,
God of unfailing love,
As you lead the parish through the next stage on our journey,
we ask you for:                                                                    
wisdom as we write our parish profile;
discernment through the appointment process 
and peace until we have a new vicar.
Bless us and keep us focussed on you. 



Remember those on your heart and pray for your own needs.   Here are some ideas for subjects you might like to bring to God.

The Church That as we await Pentecost, God’s people may be open to the calling and power of his Holy Spirit.  The church in Central America.

Global:  For people in places of war; for the children killed in the school shooting in Texas, their parents, teachers, peers, siblings; for the resolution of tensions between China and Tai Wan; people living in areas of severe air pollution. 

Local:  for everyone working in the NHS and other care services locally; for all patients; for the ambulance service, care homes and hospices. 

Parish Fabian and Riccardo Vizzini, to be baptised today, their families and godparents; Jack Horncastle and Stefanie Vansteenkiste, to be married next Sunday. Our planned celebrations of the Silver Jubilee: Bourne Community Platinum Jubilee Coffee Morning on Wednesday; Brambleton Tea on Saturday; our bring and share picnic next Sunday. Our parish as we plan for the future.

Unwell or StrugglingFor any who are unwell or struggling including Eilidh MacLeod, David Brown, Bill Loach, Gemma, Matti Carrington and his family, Roger Sturgess, James Patterson, Geraldine Molony, Phil Sulley, Sheelagh Warren, and all who love and care for them. 

Rest in Peace: Sylvia Lewis, Ian Dickson and we pray for all their family and friends who grieve.

                                                        Feel free to include times of quiet - simply waiting upon God.

Conclude your prayers with the Lord's Prayer and/or the grace.  

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