Prayers for this time

A light that shines in the dark, a light that darkness could not overpower.   John 1:15

Our clergy team continue to pray for us all on a daily basis. If you would like a prayer said for you privately by the clergy of the Bourne Parish please email The Parish Office 

 If you feel it would be helpful to speak to someone about a problem or personal matter, the ministry team can be contacted on 07947 652309.

Prayers for Pentecost

 O consuming Fire, Spirit of Love,

Descend within me

And reproduce in me, as if it were,

An incarnation of the Word,

That I may be to him

Another humanity

Wherein he renews his mystery.


Elizabeth of the Trinity, 12th Century


O Lord,

In a world where many are lonely and in isolation,

We thank you for our friendships. 

In a world where many are captive:

We thank you for our relative freedom.

 In a world where many are hungry:

We thank you for your provision.

 We pray that you will:

Enlarge our sympathy,

Deepen our compassion,

And give us grateful hearts.

 In Christ’s name, Amen

 Terry Waite


Heavenly Father, You console and lead us in times of doubt and confusion,
May we follow the light of your love and spread hope now and at all times. Amen