The Challenge for 2021

Are You Able To Help Your Parish Reduce The Deficit In 2021 ?

We have been reflecting on Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 6.20, ‘store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.’
This year we have learned deeply that church is so much more than the beautiful buildings where we meet; it is us, God’s people.  As church we encourage, support and nourish each other so that we can live out our faith in a time of great difficulty.  Our shared vision for the church is one that reaches out into the community in love and welcome. This vision is being born out as individuals minister across Farnham and beyond in their daily lives. 
In this unprecedented time the church meets on the telephone as the ministry team and members of the congregation pick up the phone and offer support, online as we worship together daily and weekly, and in public places as we all take the time to stop and chat and care for each other.  Our comms team is sending bi-weekly newsletters and maintaining the website to keep us all connected, and where people are unable to access computers we are posting weekly prayer sheets.
We are the Body of Christ in The Bourne;  living and growing, loving and serving.  Come, let us build treasure in heaven together by investing in the people of this place as church. 

Today’s Financial Challenge

It costs £5,000 a week to fund all our parish’s activities and the majority of our income comes from regular, planned giving. 2020 was a tough year, and our general funds (used to fund the parish’s day-to-day activities) are expected to report a cash deficit of £19,000. The picture in 2021 is uncertain bWut likely to be worse.  Without action to increase our income we forecast a deficit of £27,000.
Despite measures to minimise our expenditure including reducing staff costs through use of the government’s furlough scheme, the loss of income from hall lettings and occasional giving has hit the parish hard.  Whilst income from planned giving has held up, the much lower attendances at services throughout ‘lockdown’ has really hit envelope and plate collection giving.
If the parish continues to run deficits on general funds we will run out of cash.

A full financial presentation is available in printed format here

A video presentation is available here

How Can I Help?

1. By Giving.   If you are already giving regularly, please take this opportunity to review your giving.  We fully appreciate the impact Covid-19 is having on everyone’s financial circumstances but please consider what you are able to offer to help us through this difficult year.  Please click through for more information about how you can help by making a donation.

2. By Volunteering. Many of you do already, but please take this opportunity to consider if you could offer your time and talents to help the Parish save money or increase its income via a number of innovative ideas. We would love to hear from you. Read more here and complete the Volunteer Form.  Thank you.