Giving to support our Parish

Giving joyfully is part of our response to God’s wonderful generosity to usOur parish, like others in the Church of England, has to finance itself and make a contribution to the cost of its clergy and the church establishment. We therefore need to raise money locally to support the work of our church.  It costs over £5,300 per week to run the Bourne Parish, which includes funding for:

  • The vicar, clergy team and parish administration
  • Our youth activities
  • The maintenance, heating and cleaning of our churches and halls
  • The choir and music that enhance our worship
  • The many community activities that we support

Through fund-raising, instigated within the church and involving our local community, we support selected charities, and also several others, through providing people and premises for their activities.

All giving to The Bourne Parish is greatly appreciated. Committed giving is best – the Parish knows the amount it is to receive each month or year and can make its plans accordingly. For many this current period of uncertainty has provided time for reflection and re-assessment.  As a result, you may wish to support the parish and begin to donate or to increase your donations. Click here to read Update on Parish Finances due to Covid Pandemic from the Vicar

A donation to your Parish today allows us to remain a place of worship and sanctuary in the future. We plan to continue to maintain our excellence in choral music and be a place for prayer, stillness and reflection.  We will also continue to offer a warm welcome to our parish community, as well as spiritual support and pastoral assistance during life’s joys and challenges. Click here to find out how to donate.