Giving to Fund our Church Work

Our parish, like all in the Church of England has to finance itself and make a contribution to the cost of its clergy and the church establishment.  We therefore need to raise money locally to support the work of our church.  It costs over £5,300 per week to run the Bourne Parish which includes:

  •   The vicar, clergy team and parish administration
  •   Our youth activities
  •   Maintaining, heating and cleaning our churches and halls
  •   The Choir and music that enhance our worship
  •   The many community activities that we support

If you would like to see summary information about the parish finances click here, or go directly to the full accounts at the back of the 2018 Parish Report. Latest reports coming soon.

The following section shows you how you can give to support the work of the Parish.  Where materials or forms can be downloaded links are provided.  For those unable to work online, the Parish Office and Stewardship Coordinator’s contact details are provided.

How to Give

The parish has a number of ways to give.  As a registered charity the most effective form of giving is through a donation that attracts tax relief if you are a tax payer.  This will allow the parish to reclaim the tax that you have paid, increasing your donation by 25%.  Higher rate tax payers may also receive tax relief for charitable giving.  The following summarises the various ways to give and each has a short description below the table.

The Parish Giving Scheme

This scheme is run to support parishes by taking on the burden of reclaiming gift aid tax relief and making the money available to the parish much more quickly.  It is supported by many Dioceses including Guildford.  All the money donated by parishioners is returned promptly to their Parish with any associated gift aid.  The scheme allows the possibility for givers to increase their donation in line with inflation automatically. For more details about the scheme go to

Although the Parish Giving Scheme organisers are developing a new interactive website which will provide donors with a personal login, it is not yet available.. In the meantime we have to manage the administration in the old fashioned way of filling in forms.

If you would like to join the scheme contact Tim Devis our Parish Stewardship Coordinator. Please leave a message at The Parish Office and Tim will contact you.

If you are already a member of the scheme and wish to increase or change your donation please contact Parish Giving directly and they will advise on how to make a change.

Standing Order

If you wish to give by Standing Order you can download the form here.  You will need to indicate if you are a tax payer as the parish can reclaim the tax you have paid.  It is our preference that all regular givers join the Parish Giving Scheme (as described above)  as it reduces our administration and improves the parish cash flow.

Cash or Cheque

There is a collection in each service in the church and yellow gift aid envelopes are provided in the pews which allow the parish to reclaim the tax you paid. You are encouraged to fill these in with your donation. 


By Post

You can post a cheque or cash to the:

The Stewardship Recorder

The Bourne Parish

St Thomas-on-the Bourne

Frensham Road

Farnham. GU9 8HA

If you are a tax payer please include a gift aid form which you can download and print off here.  All donations are treated in strict confidence.

Just Giving

You can make regular or one off donation through  the ' Just Giving' website by clicking here

How much should I give?

The short answer is as much as you feel able to.  The Church of England guidance on giving is to donate 5% of your disposable income to your local church and 5% to other charities. 

If you donate to the collection in a service and you are 40 years old, the 50p you put in the plate as a child is now worth £1.40. Please be mindful that things have changed over time and we need to consider our donations realistically.

Regular and occasional churchgoers enjoy our worship and the other support that our parish offers.   Without financial support of our users we will not be able to maintain the current activities.