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Heather Humphrey
There is a Book of Condolence available at All Saint’s Church, Tilford, for anyone who would like to leave a message after Heather’s unexpected passing.
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Vox Concert at St Thomas'
Saturday 24th March 7.30pm. A powerful and moving concert to commemorate the end of WW1, conducted by Rob Lewis, with guest cellist Mikhail Lezdkan and organist Julian Cooper.
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Easter Lilies at St Thomas' and St Martin's
If you would like to make a donation in memory of someone at St Thomas’, please speak to Michele England. At St Martin’s, please hand your donation in an envelope to Rita Batchelor.
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Midday Music at St Thomas'
Tuesdays 12noon during Lent, with a Soup, Bread & Cheese lunch in the Cobbett Room after. Donations to Christian Aid.
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Lent in the Bourne Parish
Please click here for a list of services and activities during Lent in the Bourne Parish.
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Course Groups in the Bourne Parish
Sign up sheets are now available at both St Thomas and St Martin’s. This year we are following one of the Pilgrim courses - The Bible. Please do take a look and sign up if this is for you.
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Sermon at St Thomas'
Please click here to read or download the St Thomas' sermon from Sunday 25th February.
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Phyllis Tuckwell Christmas Market
We have a planning meeting coming up soon after Easter and we do need some volunteers to join our happy team. If you could help with the preparations for the next St Thomas' Christmas Market for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, please click the link above.
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Otter Wey
Time Out youth club are excited to be participating in The Otter Wey on behalf of The Bourne Parish. The Otter Wey is an art trail made up of 1 metre tall model otters, which will be decorated by participants and exhibited around Farnham in spring/summer 2018. Visit for more information and check back here to see the progress of Time Out’s otter!
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If you are interested in being confirmed into the Church of England, please contact the clergy or the Parish Office. The date of April 22nd has been set for the Bishop of Guildford to hold a confirmation service.
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